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Based in the UK, Euro Export U.K. Ltd is a successful export company. Our main items for export being, Second-hand Clothing, Used Mobile Phones, Used Tyres and Domestic Electrical Items including used Televisions, Used Dvd’s, Used and new Fridges.


Secondhand clothing

Our collectors are out on a daily basis, Collecting clothing straight off the hanger into the factory. The door to door clothing is then sorted and graded by experienced graders. Graded for our clients in east Africa, West Africa and Eastern Europe. The clothing is sorted into categories and baled into weights from 45kgs to 350kgs.

The clothing is sorted into categories and baled into weights from 45kgs to 350kgs.

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Cream Used Clothing

What we call the cream of the used clothing which is about 5%, this is the ‘best of the best’, Is selected very carefully by our girls. They look for Quality, Colour, Brands and Cleanliness. You may find amongst these clothes many UK High Street labels such as; NEXT, M&S, ADAMS, MOTHERCARE, DEBENHAMS, MISS SELFRIDGE, ZARA, PRINCIPLES and many more.

This clothing once selected is neatly placed into sacks which weights 25kgs and sealed. These are ready for export to our East Europe clients. These bags are ideal for shop owners as in each bag they will find a little of every garment, Some trousers, A few jeans, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Fashion tops etc… The shop keeper will be surprised to also find some brand new clothing labels in these bags as quite often we receive new goods which we then put a little in most bags.

Depending on the season we make bags accordingly, We suggest you buy some winter bags at all times as we carry on the selection throughout spring and summer.

We have the following categories – Ladies, Children’s and Men’s

No minimum order if you want to try a few bags on your next truck please enquire.

We have available sacks of used clothing weighing 12.5kgs each, These are an ideal filler for the used fridges. We place the shelves on the bottom and fill the space with one of these sacks, and any other available space in the container. Two grades are available, either Grade A Africa Mix, or AAA Boutique mix.

We can deliver these wherever you are loading in the UK.

The Grade A Africa Mix includes all items typical mixed light tropical mix. Perfectly sorted by our girls.

The triple AAA Boutique Mix is perfect fashionable clothing ideal for a Boutique, Mixed summer Blouses, Dresses, Jeans, Skirts, The girls will love it. Available in 12 kgs or 25kgs sacks.